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Expected Response time:
Country chapters - 1 to 5 days
Regional and city chapters - 2 to 10 days

If you want to get a faster response time for regional and city chapters, you are advised to search for the country chapter in question and get in touch with the respective coordination.

If so, please link them above. Otherwise leave this field empty.
By submitting this application you will be also applying for the role of coordinator of the chapter you want to create. The role of coordinator is not a title of prestige but rather an indicator of current responsibility within the Chapters Structure, this role is also not restricted to one volunteer. A person is only considered a "coordinator" as long as it remains active and responsive. A coordinator can be replaced if it becomes unresponsive without prior notice and/or demonstrate that it no longer supports The Zeitgeist Movement or if it is incapable of representing it.
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