5. Organizing Events

One of the best ways for a local community Chapter to access multitudes of people and spread the information of the Zeitgeist Movement is through local street activism, community events, community fairs, and festivals.

In every city there are many different types of events that happen throughout the year and many of these events are extremely open and welcoming to organizations that are humanitarian or environmentally-based in their fundamental ideas and basic foundations.

At these types of events it is not uncommon to share the day with other like-minded groups that have a strong desire and commitment to create awareness on a mass scale.

There are three important factors to keep in mind when setting up your Chapter for such events:

  1. The other groups that attend these events are already in the right mindset for the information that you have and will be very easy to talk to. Ranging from animal rights and human rights organizations to environmental and political organizations, engaging these individuals in conversation is easy to do and opens the doors to people that will be very receptive to the Zeitgeist Movement.
  2. These types of events draw crowds into the thousands that are very open-minded, and, in many ways, have already been looking at many different forms of information on a wide range of topics that are political and environmental in nature. These are not difficult people to talk to. At the end of the day many will take home with them a DVD or a flyer that your group has made. They will research and view the material and many will pass this “new found” knowledge onto their circle of friends.
  3. You will be a visual presence within your community. Many members or "sign-ups" from your chapter will come out to your booth to meet “their” Zeitgeist team. Many others will want to know how they can get involved. When people read the materials and connect with  the  message  they  have  a  strong  desire  to  “get  involved”.  People  want  to  do something. Yes, they can join the many online forums around the world and speak with others who have connected with the message, but many people want more. They want to take action. This can ONLY be done at the local level!

Your presence as a Chapter within your community, on the street at these events, is the perfect opportunity for others to see the Movement in action. It is also a solid way for people to feel connected to real living, breathing human beings within the Movement. This is something that just can’t be fully achieved “online.” As connected as we are with our worldwide online Zeitgeist family, nothing beats face-to-face discussion on the issues and concepts that we are dedicated to spreading.

For example, many people have watched the supportive “Zeitgeist Film Series” of documentaries, which in one form or another, and when these people walk by YOUR Zeitgeist booth they will feel an instant connection and they will be brought back to the feelings that they initially had when they saw the movies. Your local Zeitgeist chapter booth will take this massive message of worldwide change and place it right in their backyards. This is where real change will happen: in our own backyards.

Certainly these types of events are pretty generic and will happen in some form or another in most cities around the world. So keep in mind that similar events are duplicated in pretty much any city or town.

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