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Self-Sufficiency Guide [Greek Chapter]

Here in Greece we have just started our new project, the "Self-Sufficiency Guide", which is a project something like the Localized Solutions Project mentioned in TZM Defined but more hands-on, short-term and focused on household self-sufficiency. The goal of the project is to create a guide about how a household can gain self-sufficiency, that is spend as less money as possible, on basic needs (energy, food, water, education, software, tools, transportation, services).

TZM Magazine [Greek Chapter]

The Greek Chapter has initiated a monthly magazine including various subjects related to the movement (eg. our technical capabilities, different aspects of an NL/RBE, scientific literacy, transition) but written in shorter and simplified (and illustrated) manner so that it can be comprehensible and appealing to more casual supporters of the movement too. It also includes the movement's monthly news (both from the Greek and the Global chapter) and news commentary so that people can understand how our seemingly distant train of thought relates to their everyday lives.

Online Art Exhibit

Inspiration through visual art, music, writing and other creative ventures is one of the surest ways to motivate and spread awareness about the concerns, ideas and hopes of the Zeitgeist Movement. The Washington State website ( can act as a forum for that work. There is a forum set up on the website, and a gallery will be set up once several entries are recieved.



BOINC ( is a screensaver for your computer that lets you donate your idle computer time to science projects.  This is a great way for the Movement to contribute to scientific research, through the Zeitgeist Movement BOINC Team.

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