Starter Toolkits

We're sorry, this page is currently pending a large update. 

What will the kits contain?

To be honest we're still quite open to suggestions, although we pretty much know that the following should be included:
- Graphic Material with a consistent style up to professional standards in various formats including the original editable files so you can freely use them.
- Official PDF Content
- TZM Logo

Ideally we are also looking at the possibility of having several template lectures and other instructional material that might be usefull for chapters.

How can you help?

You can help by either volunteering yourself up for the task or by spreading the word to someone who has a relevant skillset about what has been mentioned above.

Just get in touch with us at and include "Starter Toolkit Volunteer" in the subject. 

If your work is up to standards, it will be posted on this site under a codename of your choosing and you will be given proper credit as well.

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