What is a chapter?

What is a Chapter?

A chapter is defined as a group of active members of the Zeitgeist Movement in a particular region that serves and functions as an accurate representation of the Movement in their respective region.
The Zeitgeist Movement has an organized structure built upon chapters to facilitate collective activism in an organized manner as well as the flow of information relating to a vast range of members.

Organized in Tiers from “Top to Bottom”, the current Chapter Tiers are:
1) National - National chapters - Organized by country (eg: Portugal, Italy, France)
2) Regional/State - Organized by region / district / state / province
3) City/Town - Organized by city

What does a chapter do?

A TZM chapter establishes an organizational infrastructure in a given region for volunteers to team up and start developing projects with educational purposes.which promote the movement train of thought. This primary educational focus rests on the assumption that for society to fully embrace science at its core and consequentially to move on a more sustainable and humane direction, the majority of the population needs to first understand the importance and mechanisms of science and the scientific method as well as attain a sustainable set of core values that promote mutual well being.

Such value and education shift should effectively generate change in the socio economic system towards a Resourced Based Economic Model by allowing and inspiring further types of activity such as policy changes, scientific and technological developments, societal trends than can progressively shift institutional power, and so on.

The activities chapters can actively engage in are quite diverse and largely subjected to the volunteer's creativity and knowledge set. Some of them can be found on our chapter's guide. 

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